Rocket League

These are the best strategies for Rocket League like ways to score and other things.

Stay on the wall and drive on the roof and boost down if you're near the ball for an epic score Boost towards the ball if you have a center shot and jump right before you hit the ball for it to go furtherStay near the goal so you can hit the ball away and the other team won't score (you might want to boost and jump when you hit it)Especially make sure that you always have some boost on you so you can get a save or hit the ball if you need to quicklyAlso before you boost jump to kind of fly for a little bit of time and it's like driving on the ground but you have to hold the powerslide/drift button or keyCustomize the camera settings.Learn to rotate.Don't underestimate the handbrake.Don't chase the ball.Pass overshoot.Find a teammate.Conserve precious boost.When in doubt, defend.While falling make sure to jump to stay in the air for a little bit longer.